Are your ducks in a row?

Strategy put simply is ‘a plan of action designed to achieve an overall aim’. Marketing Strategy put simply is ‘a plan of action designed to promote and sell products or services’.  Here at One360 Marketing we believe that strategy, planning and research are instrumental in driving all businesses forward and it is the core of everything we do!

In our experience an over complicated strategy is not helpful for a small business – it’s confusing and overwhelming and once it’s finished it’s not looked at again until it needs updating.  In today’s fast paced environment, we need to be fit, fast and agile to survive!  Your marketing strategy and plan should be a user friendly working document.  With this in mind here at One360 Marketing we have come up with a ‘simple strategy session’.  Don’t let its name undermine the importance, it is ‘simple’ because it gets straight to the point in four key steps and it is happy to evolve with your business!

  1. Situational Analysis – looking at your businesses external and internal environments, giving an understanding of your businesses capabilities and who its customers are.
  2. Objectives – what does your business want to achieve and what goals does it have when promoting its services and products within a set time frame
  3. Strategy – pulling the actual Marketing Activity Plan (MAP) together – answering how you are going to achieve your objectives
  4. Tactics – are the actions, mediums and tasks that we will carry out to reach your objectives

All companies differ and so do marketing strategies and plans. We tailor our approach to ensure the most appropriate methods are applied to market your business successfully.

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